Gastronomy, culture and tourism in the heart of Úbeda


Gastronomy, culture and tourism are the three pillars on which La Cultural de Úbeda is based, an ambitious project that opened its doors on December 14, 2021. It was possible thanks to the determined commitment of a group of businessmen with wide experience in different sectors and after two years of intense work to adapt the central building to the needs of an initiative of this magnitude.

La Cultural is located in the heart of Úbeda, a city declared a World Heritage Site, and its services are up to what is expected of a reference establishment in an place with this international recognition. It occupies the building that until a few years ago housed the popular House of Brotherhoods (Casa de Hermandades), with access through Muñoz Garnica street. A place with a central courtyard with columns, a canteen, a ground floor and two more floors with different multipurpose rooms and dining rooms, a kitchen, a terrace… Although what gives it a special, unique and genuine touch is a charming theater with a stage, stalls lower and upper stall box. That is the epicenter around which the project began to take shape and is designed for both events and cultural events of all kinds.

The building, renovated in the 19th century, housed the Artistic and Cultural Association of Úbeda in the 1950s, which then worked to promote theater and other arts in the city. For this reason, at that time the space began to be popularly known as La Cultural, a name that decades later the promoters of this business wanted to mantain as a statement of intent.

Two adjoining premises were also annexed to the facilities, with their corresponding canteens. The first houses the bar and the second a dining room which are also distributed throughout the rest of the spaces.

As an advantage, this addition provided the main access through Calle Real, a street that in recent years has become “the place to be” in which bars, restaurants and cafes have proliferated, becoming a great spot of tourist attraction because, with its “ambience” of terraces, it serves as a gateway to the monumental area.

All this was rehabilitated through major works that lasted two years and that adapted the building both to the regulations for this type of business and to the objectives of its managers, who set out to shape a meeting place where a project of a gastronomic nature that would have an impact on the tourist area of the city, organizing parallel cultural activities.

Live performances and events